About McNeall Plastics

McNeall Plastics is the sole Australian manufacturer of AustLon® monomer cast nylon and Austane® urethane elastomer. The company is an Australian company, which designs, manufactures and supplies engineered plastic components.

AustLon® and Austane® engineering plastics are:- high in durability and impact resistance; light weight; quiet during operations; self lubricating; low in tooling costs and suitable for manufacture in large sizes. As well as our manufactured plastics which form part of our range which include:—





Acetal Heat Insulating Material

Canvas Bakelite (phenolics) Polyurethane


To all this McNeall Plastics can machine your component in our machine shop. We have large capacity machinery providing a complete machining service under our control.

Providing Information

McNeall Plastics offers a design service, which in most cases it is free to our customers. Our qualified engineering staff will take the worry out of your design problems such as:- stress concentration, correct loadings, clearances and tolerances. Our engineers can assist in design of gears, bearings, sheaves or any unusual components for specific applications. We can make recommendations based on good engineering principles for plastics assisting you with a practical solution to suit your application.

The complete engineering service provided by McNeall Plastics Pty Ltd is part of the company policy of maintaining excellence in Australian manufacture and an innovative and cost conscious service to their customers. Being a manufacturer and not simply a reseller of plastics gives us a unique insight and feel for plastics and their uses, therefore providing a complete service to our customers.